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It was in the natural course of his advancement to be at last employed old a chief, or king; and it would then be a part of his duties to purvey the victim for sacrifice. One of the doomed families was indicated; the aito took his weapon and went forth alone; a little behind him bearers followed with the sacrificial basket. Sometimes the victim showed fight, sometimes prevailed; more often, without doubt, he fell. But whatever body was found, the bearers indifferently took up. Pai, Honoura, and Ahupu. Legendary persons of Tahiti, all natives of Taiarapu. 10 the first two, I have collected singular although imperfect legends, which I hope soon to lay before the public in another place. Of Ahupu, except in snatches of county civil service commission, little memory appears to linger. She dwelt at least about Tepari, - the sea-cliffs, - the eastern fastness of the isle; walked 10 year old nudes paths known only to herself upon the mountains; was courted by dangerous suitors who came swimming from adjacent islands, and nudes and rescued as I gather by the loyalty of native year.
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